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Swiftcurrent Cafe - 3D Map of Glacier Park

This huge 3D wooden map of Glacier National Park features a 30'' x 30'' size, with a total project run time of 40 hours to trace & cut. It was a complete labor of love, along with it's beautiful custom table - both created for the Swiftcurrent Café.

Excerpt from the local Flathead Beacon article,

"The centerpiece of the restaurant is a nine-top booth situated around a table that features a to-scale topographic relief model of the entie park, etched into a three-inch block of cedar. "It took about 11 hours to plot the points, and 25 hours to carve this," Hook said. "It's become the cornerstone of the restaurant and a real talking point for our guests."


Children's Vintage Armoire

My wife and I had a lot of fun collaborating on this project.

This beautiful armoire is made from local timber that features two full-extension drawers, inlay drawers + doors, distressed and painted to finish. It's a one of a kind piece that is sure to become a family heirloom, we are so thankful for this custom opportunity.

Hand-Hewn Industrial Bench + Coat Rack


Made of thick local timber, and hand hewn to size. Burned & stained to finish. Accompanied by two metal "straps" and industrial fasteners.

Pictured Size:
16'' width x 72'' length x 18'' height



Made from local Reclaimed Oak & Old railroad spikes. Framed by metal & available in three different sizes. Size pictured: 7-Peg Rack.

** For custom inquiries please email Ryan at:

Live Edge Products

Meet our newest Cutting Board Family, the Raw Edge.

Each board is specifically unique, and features "live" edges. These edges are sanded down smooth, but not altered from the natural contour of the timber. Some also contain beautiful knots, and grain pattern. All pieces have been hand-selected from local timber, are 7/8'' thick, and comes conditioned with a food safe mineral oil & organic beeswax mixture.

To properly care for your new cutting board, please do NOT soak it in water, or use it in the dishwasher. Wash with soap and water, rinse quickly, and towel dry. If board becomes dry to touch, re-condition with butcher block oil.

Cutting Boards + Wedding Gifts.

New to the Shop: Custom Cutting Boards.

Make a special occasion even more beautiful by adding a personal touch with one of our Custom Cutting Boards. Add a last name, wedding date, or other special touch. This design pictured was one example, with an "Y" Monogram with both groom & brides first names on the front, with EST. and wedding date on back.

Each board is hand selected from local timber, and cut to size in our shop. Sanded smooth, engraved, and conditioned with a food safe mineral oil & beeswax mixture. The added juice drip makes for easy clean-up after cooking, and 7/8'' thickness ensures it'll last a lifetime.

To properly care for your new cutting board, please do NOT soak it in water, or use it in the dishwasher. Wash with soap and water, rinse quickly, and towel dry. If board becomes dry to touch, re-condition with butcher block oil.

Proof Research

In August of 2015, we finished custom designing & producing 6 of these heavy-duty, industrial style bar stools for Proof Research - a science-driven, custom made carbon fiber barrel/rifle manufacturer that is re-inventing the future of firearms, one rifle at a time.

Each barstool features a custom carved base to increase comfort, as well as hand-hewn accents. Made of local hardwood + steel, and "PROOF" logo on the back. Each base was made to last a lifetime, and features a swivel element.

Creation timeline: two weeks.


Kalispell Brewing Company

Kalispell Brewing Co is a craft brewery and tasting room in Kalispell, MT. They proudly brew handcrafted lagers and ales in Montana's Glacier country, and celebrate the Flathead Valley, one beer at a time.

In Summer 2015, we designed and created Kalispell Brewing Company's Demersville Drinking Club Founding Members Plaque. Made from solid dark walnut hardwood finished with a clear lacquer. It looks ten times better in person, so be sure to grab a beer & check it out on the second floor! Thanks for supporting small business & working with us Kalispell Brewing Co!

Walleye's Unlimited of Montana

Walleye's Unlimited of Montana is the largest sport fishing organization in Montana, with over 4,000 members. They are a non-profit designed to help improve and conserve walleye, organize and educate fishermen, and are completely dedicated to introducing youths to fishing, and helping them to become ethical, and responsible sportsmen.

Just last June 2015, Walleye's Unlimited of MT graciously donated two docks to local public fishing spots, this one being at Blanchard Lake. Each dock is made from Trex Decking with "Donated by Walleye's Unlimited For the Enjoyment of Everyone" carved into the front by us here at Backcountry Woodworking.

This was such a fun, exciting project to be a part of, and we were so honored and thankful for the opportunity.


Glacier Highline - Aerial Adventure Park

Glacier Highline is located off of HWY 2 East in Coram, MT & features 47 high flying activities up to 30 feet off the ground. (

Before opening in 2015, we had the privilege of creating two- 4 foot by twelve foot road signs, from three-inch thick fir/larch, and one four-foot round building sign. Both were painted, and burned by the owners to finish.

For the trailhead, and restroom signs, we used barn wood as the main material, carving the labels directly into the wood. They were beautiful as is, so we left a raw, natural finish.


Trailhead + Outdoor Signs

One of Backcountry Woodworking's first products, made of 100% Local Hardwood, and produced exclusively in house. We can do anything from what you see below, to custom logos or signage. Because we use real Hardwood, no two signs are identical – and therefore, are uniquely yours.

CARE: These signs look best, and last longer if kept out of the weather. If you’d like to request an outdoor finish on them, please send us an email.

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